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Daring Kelowna Wedding Cakes to Photograph

The style of the standard wedding event cake has actually differed considerably over the years. When a sign of fertility, the wedding cake of the Roman Empire was made from wheat or Barley. The little cake was then broken over the bride-to-be’s head, celebrating her fertility.T he design of the wedding event cake altered and it became a custom to pile several small cakes on top of each other. The couple then tried kiss over the top of the cakes without knocking them down. A successful kiss was an excellent prophecy, bringing a lifetime of prosperity to the brand-new couple.

Kelowna wedding cake creator Cindy is an artist that cannot be ignored when planning your most important event of a life time.  She bakes and decorates some of the most unique and original designs you can imagine, and they are tasty too! Single layer or tiered it is designed with your theme and are one of a kind. If you are looking for a spectacular cake for your wedding photos this is the designer you want to speak with.


Traditional cakes

The present traditional design of wedding cakes first appeared in the 1660’s. A French Chef visiting London attended a cake stacking ceremony. He was shocked at the way the cakes were stacked on top of each other, and how typically they fell over, so he created the tiered iced style of wedding event cake we know today. The wedding event dessert is more than simply a desert at your reception. It is a sign of excellent fortune and married bliss. Your guests always enjoy admiring the creation and feasting on the cake too. Even on a limited budget, you can present a gorgeous dessert. Lower expense options might include buying a stacked cake from your local pastry shop and dressing it up yourself. Buying a cake from a pastry class at a culinary school might also be an option. There are also supermarkets and wholesale clubs that might provide deal priced tailored cakes.