Totally Rad action’s Rad Lab: Before and Afters

02/15/2012 Posted In Engagements

We are HUGE fans of Totally Rad Actions.  A little while ago they released a new product they call “Rad Lab”  and we LOVE it. We seriously cannot express how easy it made using photoshop!  Prior to this using photoshop was such a guessing game. Even if you knew the ins and outs of photoshop i.e. how to use curves, levels and blending modes to crate a “look,” trying out a new action set took so much time. You had to try out each action one by one to see what it did. (this is incredibly time consuming) Then, you were tasked with remembering what each one did so as to create a “look” that was unique by using a combo of those actions layering  them on top of each other.   RAD LAB virtually eliminates this headache all together by creating a LIGHTENING fast roll over image preview method that is 100% visual and 100% non-compromising, and the best part is it is about 10x faster that photoshop is at running the SAME processes. (Crazy, I know)   Also for the record, I am not getting ANY affiliate money for writing this I just love bragging about things I Believe in. If photoshop intimidates you i really encourage you to check out  RAD LAB, because it is quite frankly the best thing to happen to digital images since photoshop.

Check it out here: TOTALLY RAD ACTION’s RAD LAB

These are a few samples of before and afters all of these were edited in just a single click of a recipe I created in about 2 minutes.   (just roll over to see the “before” (which are completely straight out of the camera)